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For business inquiries such as company sponsorship or product reviews, feel free to email me at or use the "contact me" Tab. I usually reply within the hour. 

The company must send me out the product for me to feature in my video/blog post giveaway.(Note that this product will be mine to keep. I do this because I want to know that the product is great & that my viewers will love it.) The company can either send me the winners prize for the giveaway, or choose to send the prize out to the winners themselves. 
Giveaways will usually be open for 2-4 weeks

Product Reviews: 
The company must send me the products to review. I will make a video featuring the products on my blog and/or Beauty channel. I will try the products for a day or two in different variations and make notes of my findings then the product review video will be posted no more then 48 hours after receiving the items. I will always give my 100% honest opinion, and if something happens, or goes wrong with the product (s) I will always e-mail the company for advice or information in regard to the issue, before leaving a negative/neutral review. 

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